Support Particle Cannon (Battle Armor)

Support Particle Cannon - TR3026.jpg
Support PPC (BA)
Production information
Type Direct Fire, Energy
Tech Base Inner Sphere


Year Availability 3058 DC[1]
Year Introduced 3058 DC[1]
Year Extinction N/A
Year Reintroduced N/A
Technology Rating E
Availability Rating Age of War–Star League = D

Succession Wars = E Clan Invasion – Present = D

Legality Rating A - F
Technical specifications
Heat N/A
Damage 2[2]
Minimum Range 0
Short Range 1-2
Medium Range 3-5
Long Range 6-7
Mass IS: 250 kg

Clan: 240 kg

Space Slots 2
Cost (unloaded) 14,000[3]
Ammo Cost (per ton) 200 per power pack
BV (2.0) 14[4]


First developed by the Draconis Combine[1] the Support PPC (sometimes known by its full name, the Particle Projector Cannon, Support) is a popular weapon with battle armor forces. Possessing good range, light weight, and high damage capacity, a Support PPC equipped battle armor squad can threaten many light 'Mechs. Prior to the invention of battle armor, the Support PPC was used primarily as a squad support weapon by conventional infantry forces.

Given its range and damage capabilities, it is somewhat surprising to note that it wasn't until the introduction of the Void battle armor that the Support PPC was used with power armored-forces.[1] Even the Clans, who had the technology, failed to realize its potential. Since 3067 however the Support PPC has become one of the most popular battle armor weapons. It can be found equipping not only the DCMS' Void and Kanazuchi[5], but also on the Word of Blake's Shedu[6] and Nephilim[7] and the Taurian Concordat's Asterion.[8]


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