Surinami Processing

Surinami Processing is a processed food maker within the Draconis Combine.[1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Surinami, Ko [1] [2]

President/CEO: Marquis Senzo Goito (Circa 3025),[1] Daimyo Hughbert Turnbull (Circa 3067) [2]

Principal Divisions
Division Name: Surinami Foods

  • Division Head: Maxwell Plunkett (circa 3025) [1]
  • Chief Products: Consumer packaged foods

Division Name: Happy Life Meals

  • Division Head: Werner Nakogama (circa 3025)[1]
  • Chief Products: Institutional catering


Surinami Foods produces a range of food lines from freeze-compressed Survival Rations to the Tinned Splendors gourmet line within Kuritan space. Their biggest seller is the Home Helper line of canned and boxed food designed to feed a lot of people from the small cooking space of an average Combine home. [1] [2]

The Surinami Processing's highest profit brand is Stomach's Joy. Sold on only ten Combine worlds a year, the company uses a complex population algorithm to determine which worlds will be on sales list for the brand, with the announcement every October of the next year's planetary list a highly anticipated event across the entire Combine. Once a system is on "the list", it receives massive imports of Stomach's Joy for the next sales year which continue until it falls off the list when imports cease. While such rarity would normally make Stomach's Joy the one of the most expensive perishable goods in the Combine, Surinami discourages overpricing by selling the product on a variable pricing structure according to a citizen's status, ensuring that the dish remains accessible for all citizens to enjoy not just the richest. Its recipe a closely guarded secret, while outside observers have described Stomach's Joy as having "a wretched taste and texture" according to one ComStar acolyte, those who eat a lot of the brand report Stomach's Joy producing a feeling of well-being, almost a floating sensation, that brings people back again and again.[1] [2]

The Happy Life Meals catering division of Surinami provides foods for institutions like cafeterias, schools, hospitals, prisons and Feeding Stations across the Combine. It is well known that the quality of the food drops depending on the social rank of the establishment where it is being served, but Happy Life Meals are hard to beat in the cost department. [1] [2]

When the world of Ko was captured by the Lyran Commonwealth and held later by the Federated Commonwealth, there is no further information on the operational status of Surinami Processing.


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