Sword (weapon)

This article is about the infantry weapon. For the BattleMech version, see Sword.

Conventional Sword


The Sword is an archaic weapon from a by-gone era when it was once the weapon of choice for professional soldiers. Swords of the thirty-first century are largely ceremonial weapons, given as gifts or worn with dress uniforms, with few schools and societies that still teach the art of swordsmanship. Those engaged in boarding actions of spacecraft, however, have been known to use them on occasion to avoid the chance of a hull breach.[1]

Game Notes[edit]


  • Technology: Primitive Technology
  • Equipment Rating: A/A-A-A/B
  • Armor piercing/Base damage: 2M/2
  • Range: 1M
  • Cost: 30
  • Mass: 3Kg
  • BV: 0.03[3]


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