Tamar March Militia

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Tamar March Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Parent Formation AFFC

During Operation Revival the Clans destroyed most of the Tamar March Militia (Often abbreviated TMM) units. With the loss of much of the Tamar Province to Clan Wolf and the destruction of the Federated Commonwealth, these units weren't reconstituted. Instead their equipment and troops were used to build up the Freedom Theater Militia and Arc-Royal Theater Militia.


Formed after the creation of the Federated Commonwealth, the Tamar March Militia was a consolidation and expansion of militia units that had been based in the old Tamar Pact. With the reorganization of the old Lyran commands into Marches, the Tamar March was formed.

The TMM units suffered devastating losses during the Clan Invasion, with only two units surviving. When the Lyran Alliance broke off from the Commonwealth, these two units, the Koniz TMM and the Kelenfold TMM, were re-organized under the Pandora Theater Militia.

Units of the Tamar March Militia[edit]

Unit Colors and Insignia[edit]


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