The Takooma are a race of mammalian primates found on the Federated Suns world of Hobbs.[1] These cave-dwelling creatures have sharp senses of smell and infrared vision. They typically live and travel through Hobbs' enormous cave systems in extended family groups. Studies by NAIS scientists in the 3020's recorded the Takooma's language, but were unable to decipher it. They were also unable to determine the intelligence of the Takooma.

AFFS soldiers stationed to Hobbs have no questions about the Takooma's intelligence, however. Since the AFFS began using the cave systems as vast warehouses the Takooma resisted the encroaching humans. Individual soldiers caught alone by the Takooma were killed by stoning.[1] Patrols sent out to eliminate the Takooma frequently got lost in the caves[1] or sustained injuries from ambushes.

Events after the Fourth Succession War diverted attention from the Takooma, and no further information has been found.


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