Tal Sender

Tal Sender originally a Star Commander and part of the Steel Wolves Galaxy, Sender and his Nova (2 Combine-arms Stars) joined Jamison's Juggernauts on Galatea in May of 3135 after the Steel Wolves fragmented.

Sender was the one to suggest that all mechwarriors should cross train to use the other Battlemechs of the unit. He also suggested having mechwarriors not operate in separate star or lances, but each mechwarrior was an individual unit equally familiar with working with other individual units. This allowed them to operate in specialized teams when necessary.

Colonel Jerry Jamison suggested, after he piloted the Colonel's Sagittaire, that Sender should explore the boundaries of his abilities. It is not known if Sender remained an officer after joining with the Juggernaughts. Sender traded his Orion IIC for his former star mates Mech so he learn the use Mechs with Jump Jets.


Originally known for piloting Orion IIC, he later switchout to using starmate's Thor.