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Posting by Line Developer Herbert A. Beas II on the official BattleTech forum (Ask the Lead Developers section) on 29 June 2012:

Just an FYI: I have been informed (by the author I assigned to work on an upcoming Dark Age product) that A Bonfire of Worlds corrects the 1 August date to 7 August in an PDF proof for the novel, and that the 7 August date was also used in virtually all Dark Age lore except for one novel by Blaine Pardoe. Even the Dark Age short story presented in 25 Years of Art & Fiction gives a 7 August date, so I must correct my earlier statement.

The correct date of the blackout was 7 August 3132. Since it is a Sunday, I'm going to presume the "Gray Monday" name comes from fact that the full impact on communications was not felt until the following day, when the initial attacks and malfunctions largely ended and it was clear that the majority of the Inner Sphere's HPG network was down.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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- Herbert Beas
Catalyst Game Labs


Official BattleChat, 24 February 2013:

[02:05] <Trboturtle> Grey Monday -- The Inner Sphere lost 80% of it's HPG stations, but what about the Periphecy states? did they lose thrs too?
[02:08] <@Habeas2> Trboturtle – Yes

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Should we make a section on in-universe theories behind the Blackout that are present in canon publications? It seems like it might be a good idea. ~Amaroq Starwind~ (talk) 16:56, 23 March 2018 (EDT)

Nope, there is virtually no evidence to build any kind of real arguement so best to leave it alone until we have somethimg more solid.Dmon (talk) 22:44, 23 March 2018 (EDT)