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In the German CBT novel "Royal Flush" the author writes about a "Burro" loader (truck) - but the story happens in the 27th century (year 2600+). So was this vehicle really introduced during the 31st century? — The preceding unsigned comment was provided by (talkcontribs) .

The German CBT novels are currently considered an apochryphal source, and occupy an odd place in BattleTech hjistory; if you take a look at the description of some of the German novels here on Sarna like Früchte voll Bitterkeit, you'll see comments from Frabby to that effect, explaining that the books don't technically meet the requirement for being canon at the moment. Or at least, those that haven't been republished via BattleCorps.
The Burro referred to in this article is the one listed in the Technical Readout. Given that Burro is simply the name for a type of animal, and given that there are vastly more civilian equipments available across the Inner Sphere than have ever been published in the few TROs that deal with them, I suspect that if the discrepancy between Royal Flush and the TRO:VA were asked about over in the official forums, the response from the Line Developers would be "it's just a case of vehicles from two different civilian manufacturers with the same name." After all, there are a number of utility vehicles already in existance with the name "Burro" worldwide. BrokenMnemonic 06:13, 22 May 2012 (PDT)