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Note on date of -6M upgrade[edit]

I love it when sources contradict themselves. Technical Readout: 3039 states,

The original design used primitive components similar to those used in the first BattleMech, the Mackie. During the Reunification War, funds provided by the Terran Hegemony allowed the other League Member States to upgrade their last original-model Dervishes, generally found lingering in backwater militias, to the DV-6M standard.
The war took place from 2577-2597, the 26th century. TRO:3039 also states the design was, "...given a major update in the twenty-seventh century..." in reference to the -6M. The MUL gives a date of introduction for the -6M as 2610, after the Reunification War ended. There is no way the Star League gave the Great Houses money to upgrade their war machines 13 years before that upgrade entered production. --Scaletail 10:10, 24 June 2012 (PDT)