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Ruling on canonicity (archived for reference)[edit]

On 25 July, 2015, 21:28:00, author Herbert A. Beas (as user "HABeas2") posted the following in a thread on the BT forum (retrieved for reference from here and edited for formatting):
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In fact, here's a list of all the material produced for April 1 and Halloween over the last few years and where they fall in canon:

XTR: 1945 - World War II was canon. The unit stats and rules are not.
XTR: Royal Fantasy Tournament - Canon. Stats and all.
Adventure: Necromo Nightmare - Canon, but not necessarily as presented due to rules violations.
Adventure: Empires Aflame - Canon before the misjump. Non-canon afterward.
Nebula California - Completely non-canon.
A Time of Peace outline - Non-canon.
Arcade Operations Power-Ups - Non-canon (at present).
Halloween Adventures 2015+ - Suspended, likely non-canon.
April 1 Project 2016+ - Suspended, likely non-canon.

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