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Singh's origins[edit]

I would like to designate the ComStar report (i.e. the WD Sourcebook) as canon for the purposes of Singh's origins. I know of no place in the novel where it indicates with any certainty that Singh was from the Clans. It was always implied in the sourcebook that he was an inner sphere recruit. Thoughts? ClanWolverine101

Canonically, the report is (canonically) just that: a report. Not a hard fact. The canonical truth about Singh is that there is a potentially erroneous ComStar report assuming he was recruited in the IS, and a lot of evidence (yet no proof) that he was in fact a Clanner; ComStar could not possibly have known the evidence or how to interpret it as the Clans were not yet known in the IS. And that is how BTW should depict the situation. As per our Policy:Canon, we do not seek to decide which is correct - use facts, not opinion, for the article. Frabby 09:53, 22 February 2010 (UTC)
Let me re-phrase - what is this evidence that Singh was originally a clanner? Where are the references? Citations? That sort of thing. The article is written from the POV that Singh was a clanner, and the ComStar report is wrong. You obviously consider this credible. Okay. Why? ClanWolverine101
I see now what you mean. Looks like the article needs some improvement on pov neutrality. That should teach me to reply on the talk page without reading the article. :)
There was a good discussion of Fadre Singh over at the CBT Forum (here and here). Will probably rework the article myself if I find the time, but anybody should feel free to improve it. Frabby 14:32, 22 February 2010 (UTC)
I just read these threads (don't have my 'Wolves on the Border' copy. :( ) I must agree, assuming those quotes are accurate, that there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence that he's Clan. I would add (devil's advocate) that at the time Wolves on the Border was written, much of the info on the clans hadn't been nailed down yet. (Remember the early Jade Falcon trilogy novels? How much of that stuff was contradicted by later books?) But yeah - in retrospect, its clear that was the author's intent. I'd make the changes myself, but I don't have the novel with me. ClanWolverine101