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Smoke Jaguars, Ghost Bears or Nova Cats[edit]

An unregistered user exchanged Clan Ghost Bear for Clan Nova Cat in the notion that Gideon Braver was killed by either the Smoke Jaguars or the Ghost Bears. I have reverted this because as far as I can see it makes no sense and is plainly wrong: The game technically identifies the attackers by displaying a Smoke Jaguar crest - which seems to be the only Clan crest available to the game database. In the Kaesong incident, however, this is doubtful because the world was seized by (only) the Ghost Bears, hence the note in the article - there should only be Ghost Bear forces there. I don't see what the Nova Cats have to do with it.

I wrote this explanation so that the unknown contributor has an explanation why I reverted his change. If I overlooked something, please point it out. Frabby 08:22, 11 July 2010 (UTC)