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Okay, Keshik is a large, multiple Galaxy level unit, much like a Division, if Galaxies were Regiments. Or rather, it'd be a Brigade, with the clan being a Division. That is why in older source books from the beginning of Operation Revival (Clan Invasion). Simply put a Keshik is commanded by one of the clan's two Khans, Alpha Keshik, consisting of more elite than veteran units, and the Beta Keshik being consisted of more veteran than elite units. In some instances, there are a Delta and Gamma Keshik, being second line units of regular and green troops whose primary usage is garrison defense. The Golden Keshik, was comprised of the Khan's Command Trinary, as well as Alpha, Delta and Epsilon Galaxies, while the Silver Keshik, was comprised of the saKhan's Command Trinary, as well as Beta, and Gamma Galaxies. These were the Clan Wolf Frontline units that took part in Operation Revival. More importantly though, after the Warden/Crusader split, there still remains a Golden Keshik in both the Wolf and Wolf-in-Exile clans, as neither fully acknowledges the other as the right Clan. Also the reason why ilKhan Ulric Kerensky had to found the Kell bloodname as his last order as ilKhan because Vlad took Phelan's Ward bloodname, claiming it was rightfully his, and that he had won the trial of bloodright for Cyrilla Ward's bloodname.