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Incorrect Map[edit]

  • The map of nearby planetary systems around Great X is clearly wrong - Gotterdammerung should be far coreward. Is someone working in the BT community working on new BT maps which would include historical dates (2571, updated 2750, 2822, 2864) and Jihad/Dark Age dates (3067, 3085, 3130 and 3139)? If so, it might be better to leave a note rather than re-work the nearby systems; once new maps are available, these maps and distances could be regenerated with output to altered page names (say, "new - Gotterdammerung", "new - New Syrtis", "new - Ironhold", etc.) and then merged with the existing articles (preserving all the current writing on the pages). Thoughts?--S.gage 15:33, 17 April 2011 (UTC)