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What I would like to discuss today is the potential configurations of the long unrepresented Guard, and to do so I will offer what proof I have at my finger tips, which is only rational thought and conjecture sad to say. So shall we begin?

First off as has been heavily hinted at with it's SecurityMech label, the Guard is in all likelihood a 15-ton Industrial Quad-mech, so right off the back we know it must make use of Industrial Standard internal structure as that is the only kind available to true IndustrialMechs, which weighs in at whopping 3 tons, 20% of it's max weight.

Next we have the engine and as is described in the story the Guard is as fast if not faster than a Griffin on the lateral, and since the typical Griffin has a 5/8/5 movement profile, the Guard in turn must at the very least have a 5/8 movement profile. Now with a 75 rated engine on the lowest end and a 135 engine on the highest point of the scale, I can't rightfully tell what engine type is used without further information regarding the narrative scene in which the Guard uses it's lateral shift to it's advantage. However it is safe to assume it's most likely not Fission or ICE as those two types are typically reserved for non-SecurityMechs, even for other SecurityMechs of it's time.

Since their is only one type of Gyro available to SecurityMechs it's safe to assume it is of the Standard variety and move on, especially with it's weight being engine dependent, though 1 or 2 tons probably won't make or break any design.

Same goes for the Cockpit, though with it being a SecurityMech it is safe to assume it has Advanced Fire Control, unless there is something stating otherwise in the story, and finally the potentially ambiguous scene where a pilot ejects from their Guard does hint at the use of the half ton Ejection Seat for the industrial SecurityMech.

Heatsinks are another item we can safely assume is at a bear minimum, and thus would only contribute 1 or 2 tons to the final design, if any at all.

Lastly there is Armor and Weapons, the later of which we know for certain is made up of 2 Machineguns and at least a half ton of ammo, while the former could be anything, so long as it potentially meets the requirement of being "poorly armored" as it was described. Now whether that is the case because it has fewer plates than it's peers, or plates of commercial quality is unknown, though I think the statement of the SecurityMech's "commercial-grade" could potentially hint at the type of armor used. Or not.

So, does anyone have the illustrious story at hand to do some fact finding? Or have their own thoughts to share? User:KageRyuuUji

Pretty much everything that can be said about the Guard at this time was included in this article. It is fair to assume (but still just an assumption!) that it is an IndustrialMech, not an ultralight BattleMech, and in that case it would most likely have an ICE engine and heavy industrial armor. Its movement rating is likely 4/6 - it's explicitly the lateral movement that allowed it to stay just ahead of the Griffin in the story so it is likely slightly slower than a Griffin. 4/6 is considered "fast" for IndustrialMechs. The ejection seat scene... truth be told that was an oversight when I rewrote the story; initially, the protagonist piloted a Guardian (BattleMech) which would automatically have featured one. I had to rewrite the story so that only fully canonical units were featured and exchanged the Guardian for a Guard for the protagonist. But nowhere does it say SecurityMech Two, the one that was seen using the ejection seat, was also a Guard. It could be any other 15-ton SecurityMech with machine guns (cough, cough). ;) Bottom line, the ejection seat was not neccessarily used by a Guard and we thus have no conclusive proof that the Guard is equipped with such an item. Frabby (talk) 02:12, 22 July 2015 (PDT)
I see, given how the story was described I interpreted it as the Guard being a tiny bit faster than the Griffin in question. But with a 4/6 movement profile it would make the ICE a possibility, however given that the Quasit is another Security/MilitiaMech from the same time period and features a Fusion engine, and that every other Industrial grade Security/MilitiaMech I've been able to find either features a Fusion or Fuel Cell engine, I'm fairly certain the Guard would also feature either of those as well. Thank you for the information about the Ejection Seat, it was very enlightening. User:KageRyuuUji