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Official Ruling/Clarification on death date (archived for reference)[edit]

On 05 September 2013, 22:34:35, Herbert A. Beas (as user "HABeas2") posted the following in a thread in the "Ask the Lead Developers" section on the official BattleTech forum (retrieved for reference from here):
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Quote from: Mendrugo on 05 Sept 2013, 19:17:17
Looking through various sources, there seems to be some difference of opinion as to when the climactic battle at Desolation Pass on Mallory's World took place, resulting in the death of First Prince Ian Davion.
The Kell Hounds scenario book places it on October 28, 3013, while the BattleForce (1st edition) scenario "A Royal Tragedy" places it on October 21, 3013. Geoff Swift's Historical Turning Points: Mallory's World dates it to November 21, 3013, and that would seem to be the definitive date (supplanting the October dates from earlier scenarios)...except...
The "Irreplacable" BattleCorps story by Jason Hansa starts on November 12, 3013, with Ian already dead and Hanse as the First Prince. This would seem to argue for one of the Kell/BattleForce October dates.
Can we get a formal ruling on time of death?


Yup. Something's wrong. Sounds like an errata. Probably would have to be 21 October, meaning Swift's Turning Point and the Kell Hounds scenario book are in error.

One more for the offices of Fiat-Retcon, Incorporated.

Thank you,

- Herb (End thread quote) Frabby (talk) 04:43, 6 September 2013 (PDT)

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