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Place in the family tree[edit]

Just looking at the House Kurita family tree found in the back of House Kurita (The Draconis Combine) (p199 in my PDF) and there is no mention of Ivan Sorenson, This is not really a problem until we get to more recent products that state that he is the uncle of Daniel Sorenson who is mentioned in the family tree. Daniel's grandfather Vladimir Sorenson had three children, Richard Sorenson (Daniels father), Heath Sorenson and Anna Sorenson. Given that Ivan is just three years younger than Anna and according to his character profile on p172 of the very same PDF born on Echo in the Pesht Military District. Is it fair to postulate that Ivan may very well be the bastard son of Vladimir who has been accepted back into the family on the back of hes success or is he just a distant relative who is actually quite close to Daniel?--Dmon 21:44, 30 May 2011 (UTC)