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Okay, so I've been going over what we know regarding the years this thing has been around for the BattleMech timeline. The Production Date is obvious, but the other three are a bit more blurred. I'm tempted to set the Production Ceased year to 2780 (When the Amaris Civil War ended, and ComStar mothballed the last 500 chassis), and the Extinction Era to Succession Wars (since they disappeared in the closure of the Amaris Civil War). Finally, I'm still looking for a solid date for when the WoB started distributing the old Jackrabbits to their militia, and whether or not they were all upgraded. For now I've set Reintroduction Year to 3074, the earliest date I have for reintroduction of the chassis. Anyone have thoughts on this? Mattiator (talk) 22:40, 22 April 2013 (PDT)