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DC Deployment[edit]

So - According to the tech data in TRO3060, the JagerMech III was produced by Independence Weaponry. Which means Quentin. Which means Kurita. There is nothing in the text (or anyplace else as far as I can tell) to indicate that the design was ever shared with House Kurita and, given that it designed to be something of a 'Davion totem mech', I can't imagine even Victor would share it. Is there any precedence for an editor to remove it from the IW list, writing the text off as a misprint? ClanWolverine101

Yes, there is, but by use of reference. You have three four options when addressing this (that I see):
  1. Reference the TRO as usual, but note on the ref statement that a revised edition did not include IW as a producer, possibly indicating a correction by either the writers (either real world or in-universe),
  2. Reference an errata at CGL or reference the answer to the question as posed by you on their Interaction boards (the latter which Wrangler and Frabby have done several times),
  3. Leave it as it as it is, but create a ==Notes== section, where you acknowledge the data, but address the likelihood of this occurring, much as you did here,
  4. Create a child article to TRO3060 labeled something like "TRO3060 Errata", where the errata are re-listed and then include another section that addresses issues that weren't 'corrected' but are noteworthy and then ==See Also== that page on the JM article.
I had another possible answer (that IW was operating in a divided capacity across state lines), but to me this doesn't hold water if they're producing the JM without a cross-state license.
I hope this helps, somewhat.--Revanche (talk|contribs) 11:41, 14 March 2010 (UTC)
Yes, thank you. I think I'm going to go with the third option you gave. Options 1 and 2 don't work, simply because I do not have a "corrected" version. (To my knowledge, it was never published.) ClanWolverine101

Page 80 of Technical Readout: 3055 established precedence for Draconis Combine engineering teams from Independence Weaponry collaborating with engineers from the Federated Commonwealth to design and build the Gunslinger on Quentin. There is no reason to assume that Kallon did not cooperate with them in the design of the JagerMech III, since they are listed as a manufacturer.

Additionally TRO:3050 Upgrade dealt with IW building the Davion 3050 variant of the original JagerMech as indicated in the original TRO:3050 (whose manufacturers somebody sloppily transcribed for TRO:3060 and why we are having this coversation) by having Hanse Davion share the specs with Teddy K during the Outreach Conference of 3050. Not as impossible that specs for the Jager III could be shared given things like the Covenant-class WarShip, but again why I cried when they announced that we weren't going to get a TRO:3060 Upgrade :( Cyc (talk) 01:06, 22 January 2015 (PST)