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Suggestion for inclusion of apocryphal variant JR7-D(S) from MWO.[edit]

I think it'd be nice to make mention of the JR7-D(S) variant created for MWO as an apocryphal variant. Full details of it, and why it exists, are shown here: [1]. As an anon reader I obviously didn't think it'd be appropriate to just do it, but I thought I'd at least suggest it. 22:01, 23 July 2013 (PDT)

Jenner JR7-A[edit]

As I was working on adding in variants for the BattleTech video game, I noticed something odd.

In the various 3025 (original & revised) and 3039 Technical Readouts, they never describe the JR7-A that we get in the 3039 TRO Record Sheets (at least I didn't see it anywhere).

When I look at all the entries, they all describe a Large Laser with (2) Medium Laser turret. Clips of the relevant paragraph can be found here : [2]

This model was replaced by scrapping the turret, then adding MLs to the arms and more armor (which is the JR7-F). Which eventually evolved into the more common JR7-D.

I am wondering if there was an error made by the person doing the 3039 Record Sheets in having missed that there were (2) MLs in the description and instead adding in (2) Heat Sinks to makeup for the extra tonnage. Please note, there is never any talk about increased heat sinks either. They all mention how it ran 'well' on the 10 base heatsinks

I can't find anything in the description from the 3039 TRO about a variant with ONLY a Large Laser.

Thoughts? May the 4th be with you!Justin_Kase (talk) 21:41, 04 May, 2018 (EDT)

Just roll with it and assume there are sub-variants of the -A (think of one of them as the -A1). We know that the original model was deemed unfeasible and the LL configuration dropped. Even the Jenner IIC doesn't call back to the LL version, and for the Clans to have any clue of the Jenner they would have to have taken a very early, or even prototype, model with them - and yet it's already the ML&SRM version. So ultimately, the exact configuration of the -A is more of an academic problem apparently.
This isn't the first time that the record sheet doesn't match the fluff. The Thunderbolt had its LRM launcher on the wrong shoulder in either the record sheet or all art and the miniature; the Zeus PPC upgrade record sheet ignored the fluff that expressly said the additional heat sink was in the same arm as the PPC, and the entire arm assembly was shipped as the upgrade kit to replace the AC-5 arm on the preceding line model. You get the idea... Frabby (talk) 04:00, 5 May 2018 (EDT)
Totally get that aspect and agree. I was just curious if there was any actual fluff about the single LL variant. From what I could find (and I didn't do an exceptionally deep dive), the only thing that shows the LL version is the TRO 3039 Record Sheet. While the descriptions in all 3 TROs seem to indicate the early variant had the LL/(2) ML mix. Which is why I was thinking that the sheet was in error. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Justin_Kase (talk) 04:05, 05 May, 2018 (EST)