Somewhere i remember to have red that the Mask is known to be the most incompetend Secret Service in the Sucsessor States, their assassinations often leading to high collateral damage (like the time they targeted Pavel Ridzik). Can anyone prove or confute this?--— The preceding unsigned comment was provided by Heretic1311 (talkcontribs) .

As a native russian speaker, I must point out that "Maskirovka"(маскировка) means "disguise" or "camouflage" in russian, not "feint". So, I suggest reflecting this in the article accordingly.

Here's the nice chart someone has made for this article. It is good, but contains false information (Death Commandos aren't related to the Maskirovka in any way) and doesn't fit with the text inside the article. It may be of use later down the line. Adridos (talk) 07:11, 7 June 2013 (PDT)

Maskirova organization table
Division Information
Ma Si Jia Ruo Na Dong Shi Bu
(Maskirovka Directorate)
Citizen Nancy Bao Lee
Huang Di Shi Zhe
(Chancellor's Hand)
Citizen Aaron Ward
Zang shu er
(Chancellor's Ear)
Citizen Hyun-Ki Takeo
Zang shu jiao zha
(Chancellor's Cunning)
Citizen Sven Borkavich
Zang shu jian
(ChanceHor's Sword)
Citizen Lavina Hastings
Huatig Di Yi Zhi
(Chancellor's Will)
Citizen Thomas Jarra
Zang shu zhe
(Chancellor's Shield)
Citizen Zahra Sanora
Zang shu sheng
(Chancellor's Voice)
Citizen Shaiming Xuan Loc
Zang shu cheng
(Chancellor's Eyes)
Citizen Mikhail Sigmund
Si Wang Te Gong Dui
(The Death Commandos)
Jiang-jun Michael Hyung-Tsei