Talk:MechWarrior 3050

This game was bizarre. I don't own it anymore, but I had it. It had some strange mechanics, like the people who make it never did their research. Lasers and PPCs were described as using power from the mech's fusion core, and therefore, were not infinite. You had to pick up laser ammo just like machine gun ammo. Also, the Gauss rifle fired in a parabolic arc, so the more you charged it up, the further from your mech it would land, traveling higher up in the air to do so. The Gauss Rifle was also a strange cluster munition, about a dozen rounds would splatter the ground on impact. I think these things are so significantly non-cannon that they are worth mentioning in a page on the game. RichLongess

Yeah, that's really weird; if you want you can make either a "Notes" section at the bottom of the weapon page, or a section titled "Notable Differences From Canon" or something like that. Feel free to experiment some (you can make a sub page of your user page and call it a sandbox then mess around in it as much as you want; it kinda helps to sort out formatting and layout issues) and later we need to make sure that it's consistent on all the video game pages. Thanks for leading the work on this, because I'm very busy now and won't be able to help until later in the month. I'll resume my work on MCG at that time. -BobTheZombie (talk) 19:39, 11 November 2014 (PST)
That sounds like a great idea. I really like the pages being consistent. Since people often look to the video games to help them visualize the BattleTech universe, I think it is very important that we make the extreme differences very plain. I'll start experimenting with this in a sandbox as you suggested. RichLongess