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LCS Yggdrasil[edit]

Seems to be a bit of confusion on the part of canonical sources regarding the LCS Yggdrasil. In the novel Endgame, the LCS Yggdrasil is in orbit over Tharkad and engages the Pan-Lyran Forces escorting Peter Steiner-Davion. She's crippled, but is not taken as isorla by Khan Phelan Kell or his Clan. Instead, it is ignored after Phelan extends hegira to the Loyalist forces and is allowed to be repaired by Lyran forces.

Later on, during the Dark Ages (specifically the novel Blood of the Isle), Landgrave Jasek Kelswa-Steiner goes to Hesperus II to recruit manpower and war materiel from Vedet Brewster and the LCS Yggdrasil is moored in orbit around Hesperus, supposedly having burnt out her KF Drive after her final action during the Jihad. (We know this to be false because they get her in working order and jump to Skye, but that's not the issue.)

I'm just wondering whether this is just a simple continuity error, a second LCS Yggdrasil of the Mjolnir class, or that the capture of the Yggdrasil was an event that took place outside of the novels and somebody forgot to tell Loren L. Coleman that.

Should we make a second set of notations for the Yggdrasil, or let the current page stay as is? -Wintercrow

Clan Wolf gave the Yggdrasil back to House Steiner after the FedCom Civil War ended as gester of peace. That was detailed in Field Manual: Updates. Right now, there hasn't been alot information regarding her doings during the Jihad, other than her partipating in re-libration of Tharkad and retaking the LCS Invincible. That was from Jihad Secreats: The Blakist Documents. There is no indiscriencies as of yet, history fill in the blanks is still being filled in. Yggdrasil status as of 3079 will come up soon, properly this year when the Field Report: LAAF comes out. -- Wrangler 12:57, 8 January 2011 (UTC)
What I'm trying to understand is WHEN CWiE claimed the Yggdrasil during the FedCom Civil War because Khan Kell let the ship go after running the Tharkad blockade, having extended hegira to all of the combatants, as well as any Loyalist ship rendering aid to the Yggdrasil. Seems to me that one document (novel or FM:U) may be disregarding the other. I understand that all of these are written at different times, and I'm just trying to nip any future confusion in the bud. If you look at the timeline the way I am, it'd be hard to find a time when the Wolves claimed her because the Wolves were bottled up inside of the ARDC to protect the Lyran Alliance against CJF adventurism and participating in Operation: Bludgeon/Audacity, only "joining" the FedCom Civil War once Morgan Kell recruited Peter Steiner-Davion from Zaniah III. They then joined his Pan-Lyran force in attacking Tharkad, where the Yggdrasil has been stationed for a vast majority of the war (if not the entire thing). The only chance they would have for claiming the Yggdrasil would be right then and there, which (again, according to Endgame) they didn't.
If they did, in fact, claim her as isorla, then I could understand that, but that's not how the novel reads, nor does it jive with what little information we're given about her activities from the MW:DA novels. I'm not disputing what the Field Manual says because I tend to look at game material first and foremost with the novels coming in at second. I'm going to look back over the material I have, but I'm pretty sure there's a minor discrepancy with the way the ship's been handled. --Wintercrow
From my understanding, they grabbed the Loyalisted controlled ship after its defeat. War ended in April 3067, leaving roughly six months for them to repair the ship and return it to Lyran Alliance as a "gifted" before August/September publication of the Field Manual: Updates. Wintercrow, only way to get something more solid of information or judgement is from the CBT Forums. -- Wrangler 13:00, 9 January 2011 (UTC)
Only reason I'm bringing it up is that in the article, all that's mentioned of the Yggdrasil is that she was captured by CWiE forces, then returned to the LAAF. Seems kind of..I don't know..rude, for lack of a better term, to mention she was captured but make no reference to any of the other actions she took part in. I would add the information to include the canon information from the novel, but I'm waiting on a response to an e-mail I sent directly to the Precentor Martial regarding it. Once I have that in hand, I'm going to revamp that section of this article to include all relevant information on that particular ship. The CBT forums are all nice to use and such, but given the fact that everybody goes off tangent, I'd rather go directly to the source and get a definitive, indisputable answer. I do appreciate the additional POV you have given me. -- Wintercrow 23:55, 9 January 2011 (UTC)