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I will have to come back and finish this page later, too much for just one sitting.Deeppockets 02:12, 14 July 2010 (UTC)

Amaris Crisis[edit]

Nicoletta Calderon 's role in the Amaris Crisis has two versions. The first version as recounted in The Periphery (sourcebook) and The Star League implies Nicoletta was partially aware of Stephan Amaris's schemes and made some use of them to better her nation's chances for freedom. The second version from Handbook: Major Periphery States states Amaris used Nicoletta as a willing if unaware pawn. Something of a contradiction to say the least. I believe that both versions each have some truth to them; but neither fully explains the path events took.

For example, Amaris DID create and hide a vast military build-up and training program. He DID craft a persona that fooled most (if not all) of the national leaders. He DID play both Richard and his former Regent Kerensky against each other to give himself the opening he needed. He DID gain and later use the trust of Richard Cameron to complete his coup. However; the man who DID all those things, who moved and prepared so many vast military forces was unable to effectivly employ them. His mental breakdown occured JUST after his family's greatest triumph. Hmmm...perhaps he was only a tool maker, not a tool user; a manipulator not a general. At any rate, Stephan Amaris did just about everything wrong in holding an empire he spent his ENTIRE life seeking to subdue and rule. He taxed outragiously, offended anyone who might become an ally, brutalized and terrified his new subjects and oh yes, failed in any way to politicaly contain/challenge his greatest foe Kerensky while he and the SLDF just swanned around the Inner Sphere, all the way from New Vandenburg to Apollo. Gosh, maybe Stephan wasn't that great a manipulator? OR the TC haters in Wizkids and Catalyst figured; what the heck, lets just not give ANY credit to the Taurian Concordat! (sigh) Sorry, a little worked up over the cannon there.

But whereas Nicoletta was portrayed as smart, dedicated and ALSO playing games behind the Inner Sphere's back; she lets a 'revolt' of her worlds grow...with no Navy? Other than one inopperable hulk hidden away? Remember, the MAJORITY of the SLDF's Navy was on her doorstep, some 1000 plus WarShips and DropShips with the best of the Royal Units lead by their greatest most acomplished General. Nicoletta DID bring the whole of her people to the edge of war with a Star League that was lead by an erratic man-child. What could she have seen that would stop such a force from rolling over a few regiments of mechs? The House Lords' well-known love of justice? She is going to trust a non-Taurian who admitted he was playing suck-up to the First Lord with the fate of her nation? Hmm...doesent sound too smart or dedicated or aware there might be GAMES being played! Or maybe she does get an idea that Stephan is up to something, and uses what he offers but does not know how far he is going to go. In the older sourcebooks and fluff stories and even in the Handbook, Stephan kills ALL of the Cameron line, NOT simply Richard...earlier publications state Richard had sisters he raped, kinsmen he embarassed. Perhaps Nicoletta was lead to believe the House Lords would replaced an obviously impotent Richard with another married/loyal to Stephan? Or maybe I am just dreaming up feelgood face-saving for my faction. It is hard to imagine yourself playing chicken with an eighteen-wheeler while you are riding a tricycle...and winning!

At any rate, I mearly chose this page to air some logic and blantent bias.Deeppockets 01:01, 16 July 2010 (UTC)

Well, i can understand that its frustrating to work with two sources. However, writing styles of writers now differ greatly from old FASA ones. However, there the policy with Catayst Game Labs that new info trumps old ones. If HB:MPS changes something, its new canon unfortunately. Writers aren't concentrating writing up more indepht info on minior characters, even if their important in this particular snapshot of the timeline. -- Wrangler 01:10, 16 July 2010 (UTC)
Finished with all original FASA material and have polished the text some. I would greatly appriciate if any additional material, particularly material from HB:MPS, is added below and separate from the FASA stuff.Deeppockets 15:19, 19 July 2010 (UTC)