I would like to see an addition of information about the relative size of the land grant/property controlled by each noble lord relative to their title. Not necessary hard rules, but a general guideline. Also, nobility seems to serve no in-game function since the publication of Mechwarrior 3 and the more recent fiction published since the late 1990s. Is nobility relevant? In some cases, nobility serves as senior military leadership, in others nobility serves as senior civilian leadership. Still, there are many nobles that serve no function what-so-ever.

Why feudalism in a future society? Communication and administration? Shouldn't most internal political boundaries follow noble fiefs?

I would suggest that the Battletech historical understanding of feudalism be adjusted to identify feudal lords as the administrators of a federal interstellar government charged with managing taxation and a military force capable of being "federalized" with the various democratic governments responsible for administering activities local to the planet/planets.

Based on the current systems in the various Faction militaries and government organizations, though, feudalism makes no sense at all.— The preceding unsigned comment was provided by Shadrak (talkcontribs) .