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Non-canon vs. canon[edit]

Just tossing this out there. The OC-1X Orca is the canon incarnation from [Experimental Technical Readout: Republic, Volume 2]]. Will this be merged into this listing or will it become a separate listing? 14:14, 20 July 2015 (PDT)

The 'Mech described in XTRO: Republic II is pretty much the same 'Mech so I reckon this non-canonical april fools joke was eventually canonized. Under that premise, I'd say there should only be one single article - it's discussing the same subject matter after all. If nobody else does it in the meantime then I'll eventually update the article myself. Frabby (talk) 02:17, 22 July 2015 (PDT)
I have to disagree. I am perhaps a minority in this matter. If someone wants to be be able look up april fools version of the mech, they should be able have a article dedicated to that. The Orca that was featured in XTRO: Republic II is it's own animal, with April Fools components mentioned as in-universe rumor, but truth a joke. Please keep these things separate, people are going remember the April Fools thing than actual new entry. I rather see them kept that way for people returning to the game or want remember the past. Please keep it separate. -- Wrangler (talk) 04:42, 22 July 2015 (PDT)
When you look closely, it's exactly the same design. They literally took the april fools joke design and canonized it. The "anti-personnell laser" was translated into a Small X-Pulse Laser. Since there is no difference, I fail to see the purpose of a separate article on the Orca's previous iteration an an april fools product. (Just to be clear, of course the Orca article would point out that the design started as just a joke before it became canon.) Frabby (talk) 06:55, 23 July 2015 (PDT)
Though I know nothing on the subject, I'd agree with Frabby at this point. Would make more sense to keep it condensed. The april fool's joke could be mentioned in a Notes section or something. -BobTheZombie (talk) 14:18, 23 July 2015 (PDT)
Okay then. Majority rules here. When things come up and i have the opporunity, i will re-write the article and add the April Fools information in Notes section. -- Wrangler (talk) 03:57, 24 July 2015 (PDT)
I uploaded the image from XTRO: Republic 2, but did not add it to the page. If someone gets around to the rewrite, here's the link: --Cache (talk) 20:17, 13 August 2015 (PDT)
Sorry for interrupting, but there is a news about this mech from IWM: (source: (talk) 06:33, 25 July 2016 (PDT)

Consolidated the two articles into a single article covering the now-canonical version and the old April Fools joke. Good work on the article ManganMan! Frabby (talk) 07:42, 30 July 2016 (PDT)

Thanks a lot Frabby, it was a quite difficult work, especially that my writing style is quite sub-par for the Wiki use. ManganMan (talk) 06:56, 31 July 2016 (PDT)