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Re-doing the ownership[edit]

Hi there, i wanted to explain to anyone who had question on why I changed the ownership of the planet to unknown planet for some of the decades of the 31st Century. The planet was named by the Band of the Damned pirate leader, Vance Rezak. This is due to fact he was not actual leader of the band until 3049. He hadn't claimed the planet until early 3050s, which is not specified which actual year he settled his base. I've found some recent PDF maps of the 3025 era that the planet is named, which not possible since its named after the pirate king himself. Only vintage maps actual do not show the planet by name on the map if at all. I felt that it should be noted that in case someone saw a newer reference. Also, 2750 ownership maybe Star League, due to a SLDF cache being discovered by Interstellar Expeditions, which was noted in source book Master & Minions. -- Wrangler 19:56, 27 May 2010 (UTC)