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AsRoc and Operation PROMETHEUS[edit]

Just to avoid any future conflicts, all mentions of AsRoc involvement in Operation PROMETHEUS have been ruled as non-canon by the writers, as per posts at and :

"It seems that BattleCorps has written a story about the theft of the Mackie that excluded the Rim Worlds Republic. Was this a retcon of earlier source, an oversight, or a case of history being written by the victors?"


Errata, of a sort. Fact is, the First Edition Periphery Sourcebook (the only source where the AsRoc reference appears in) was found to be riddled with continuity holes, including this reference to helping Steiner capture the plans for BattleMechs. (A key reason for this is the fact that the RWR is stated to have a dominantly tank-heavy army in 2570, when the Reunification War happens; this would be over a century after Operation Prometheus, and given the sheer size and industrial might of the Republic, coupled with their shared border to the Inner Sphere's second-largest 'Mech producer at the time, this would be a completely illogical issue if they got the 'Mech simultaneously with Steiner.)

Thus, the Prometheus Unbound story corrects that error and deletes the Rim Worlds connection entirely (only the fact that the ship used to perform the raid was originally of RWR origin remains as a nod to that).

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