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Since I cant find an online link to Matt D. Lossey's card that I consider stable, I'm duplicating its contents here

"Mech: SCT-VP-M “Sabertooth” Shadow Cat

Collector's Number: L-027

Like many of his Nova Cat brethren, Matt Lossey receives visions, especially when piloting his Shadow Cat, “Sabertooth.” Indeed, these visions seem to cue Lossey to press his attacks. Once in the heat of battle, Lossey often “zones out,” much to his enemy’s dismay. Lossey’s Shadow Cat is a far cry from the Shadow Cat II heavy design produced by Clan Jade Falcon, and some say it is because of the heavy design that Clan Nova Cat stepped up production of their original Shadow Cat." -- Istal devalis 19:29, 12 March 2010 (UTC)