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Snord cannot possibly have been a member of Wolf's Dragoons, been thrown out and met McFinney in 3002... because Wolf's Dragoons only arrived in the Inner Sphere in 3005! Either the dates are wrong, or he served with another merc unit. 19:43, 22 July 2007 (CDT) (<-- That was me. Frabby 06:19, 8 August 2007 (CDT))

  • Got my hands on the Mercenary's Handbook, which gives quite a different story for Cranston Snord. According to that entry he was an original (Clansman) member of Wolf's Dragoons and Jaime Wolf early on decided (while still enroute to the IS) to split off a small unit for a secondary mission, namely to explore Star League sites. At some point he chose Cranston for the job who took the surname of Snord. He formed Snord's Irregulars and went to work for House Steiner from the beginning until at least 3025, operating on the Steiner/Marik border. No reasons are given when or why Jaime Wolf chose Cranston, so the notion that he showed a personal interest in arts and star league artifacts to the point of leaving his post is not ruled out. Such a train would probably qualify him for the mission Wolf had thought about earlier. Frabby 06:19, 8 August 2007 (CDT) (Btw on the discussion below: The Handbook explicitly states that Wolf's Dragoons made first contact with the Inner Sphere at the Davion world of Delos in 3005 and caused quite some suspicion there when space fighters scrambled to intercept the Dragoons were threatened away by their aerospace wing.
The "3002" is probably a typo. You can read here that the poker game was in 3007. Scaletail 08:39, 8 August 2007 (CDT)

We'll check up on that[edit]

If you open the Wolf's Dragoon page, they FORMALY ENTERED CONTRACT with the Federated Suns on 3005, where the Federated Suns deployed them on border of The Capellan Confederation, this is presumbaly the only theatre the Dragoons were working in. Thus, the engagement of Dragoons in Royal, stated in The Snord's Irregulars page[1], occuring in 3002, on the borders of the Draconis Combine might have happened BEFORE they got a contract with The Federated Suns. The proclamation that they suddenly appeared in inner sphere space on the exact date of 3005 is a bit exagerated, since, mostly unknown mercenary units are not usually paid attention to, since there were so many mercenaries outfit going out and about in the inner sphere. Even the dragoons had a small time when they are not widely known, being a very new addition to the mercenary scene. It wouuld be logically for Wolf's Dragoons to get Oriented with the then current inner sphere before deciding in its course of action(its original intended mission actually), thus a grace period of a few years PRIOR to they're First contract is acceptable. But since im not 100% sure, im gonna ask Scaletail, he'll proabably know better.

This page on wikipedia [2], comments that they caused a lot of panic when they first appeared in the Federated Suns, which says, they were Immedietly spotted on 3005. The thing is, if they were such unknowns, possesing all that hardware would kind make people be wary of thyre intentions. Which raises the question, why would the Federated Suns IMMEDIATLY hire them, it like.

A group of Knights, JUST happen to be visiting a castle of a king, virtual UNKNOWNS, would that king SUDDENLY hire these guys to be his guards?? Without knowing what kind of people they are? How can te king be certain these guys wont kil him? right? The king might need time to observe how they perceive the king, and what advantage would it be to field these knights, etc.

Pardon the VERY bad analogy(did i spell that right?), but you get the picture right?

Agus101186 05:15, 2 August 2007 (CDT)
I'm guessing that this came, word for word, from the original Mercenary's Handbook. I don't have the book to check it out, but I would recommend, as we have done with other such articles, relegating this to Snord's Irregulars/History. Page 102 of Field Manual: Mercenaries, Revised states that "Cranston Snord split off from Wolf's Dragoons in 3006...." What bearing this has on the date in the article, if any, I do not know. As for your analogy, it would be apt, except that the king noticed these guests were better-equipped and -trained than his guards. Prince Ian did hire the Dragoons with no questions asked because he was desperate. Your concerns and suspicions are well-founded, but it is what happened. Scaletail 09:22, 2 August 2007 (CDT)
It's also highly possible that you've stumbled upon an inconsistency in the storyline they laid out. :) The original Merc Handbook didn't have Snord's - there was a separate sourcebook for them. The Merc Handbook just has full write-ups for Eridani Light Horse, Waco Rangers and Wilson's Hussars. I'll go through it when I get home (I'm on business travel this week), but I don't recall that being part of the other documentation. Bdevoe 09:52, 2 August 2007 (CDT)
Thanks guys, you guys have been a really HUGE help :-). By the way, why don't you guys use Battletech wiki section in the Forum as a place to post discussions on these type of stuff, discrepancies, political commentary and such, Battletech Lore Talk kind of stuff. it will definitely make pages less crowded with Q & A among editors, and more towards general query by guests.Agus101186 11:57, 5 August 2007 (CDT)
The "3002" is probably a typo. You can read here that the poker game was in 3007. And, because that's what talk pages are for :-). Scaletail 08:39, 8 August 2007 (CDT)

Unit Insignia[edit]

Okay, I don't know what idiot put a quarter dollar thingy up there, but the Snord's Irregulars use a "Buffalo Nickle" as their unit insignia. If you have forgotten this, take a gander at Call of Duty again, when Feehan's Wolverton Highlanders engage and he is almost taken out by an Irregular Sentinel. (this unsigned comment was posted by on 06:14, 16 December 2008)

Strong words for a weak point. I'm no expert on american coins, but I guess the "Buffalo Nickle" you mention is the coin seen on the cover of the original Cranston Snord's Irregulars (scenario pack). However, the Quarter Dollar coin features as prominently, actually much bigger, on the backside of the book and also within the book, as a gray background on most of the introductory text pages. It is also the only coin seen on both the front and back cover of the successive sourcebook, Rhonda's Irregulars, or within that book. Finally, it is the (only) crest explicitly given for "Cranston Snord's Irregulars" in the Mercenary's Handbook (FASA #1616) on page 14, for "Snord's Irregulars" in the CBT Field Manual: Mercenaries, Revised (WK/FanPro #10977) on page 102 and again for "Snord's Irregulars" in the CBT Mercenaries Supplemental Update (WK/FanPro #35028) on page 108. Given that only one source ambigously suggests the Buffalo Nickle might be the crest while three others clearly present the Quarter, I am inclined to believe that the Quarter is indeed the correct crest. Frabby 07:28, 16 December 2008 (PST)