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[[File:Example.jpgItalic text

]]==Critical Roll Modifier== According to Tactical Operations p. 372, the critical roll modifier for hitting armor is -2, not +2. Correcting the reference note. --Iueras 10:46, 6 August 2011 (UTC)

                                                 From the Battletech Tactical Handbook,page 61   TANDEM-CHARGED WARHEAD:

Game Notes: This SRU warhead's storage double charge does 2 Damage Points:the first to the target's armor,and the second to the section's internal structure.However,TC warheads cannot cause a critical hit until all the armor in a section has been destroyed.If the target's internal structure in the section has been damaged before all its armor stripped away,the section fails per standard rules.

                                 The amount of explosives packed into a TC warhead makes it very dangerous to carry.If set off by an ammunition explosion,it does 3 damage points of damage instead of the standard 2 Damage Points. TC warheads may be fitted on standard short-range missile only. Availability:Com Guards,Federated Commonwealth,St. Ives Compact,Word of Blake.