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On 5 years difference between the lost Clan Wolverine ship and the Umayyad landing: There are two possibilities. The first one is very simple - Nueva Castile archives got the wrong date (that is what Uncle Chandy thinks). The second one is a bit more complicated. From the Jihad Secrets we know of the Wolverine Fleet being pursued by the Clans. Veranov and Chee were assigned to explore nearby star systems for habitable worlds because food was slowly scarce. After 10 days Veranov jumped back and reported that he found a Spanish-speaking colony and that he needs a translator. Veranov had a JumpShip with Lithium Fusion batteries so he would need a two week roundtrip to that Spanish-speaking colony since it was only two jumps away. Veranov hasn't returned and after 5 weeks of waiting the Wolverine fleet abandoned the wait.

What could have happened? It is a possibility that Clan ships were waiting in the first system and fired at the Wolverine JumpShip. But even when not, two jumps right after another are dangerous so it is possible that the Wolverine ship has misjumped. After the misjump the Kearny-Fuchida drive was destroyed which prevented Veranov from return.

Still, what happened with the 5 years? There are two possibilities. We know that a misjump can cause a time travel. That would be one explanation. The other explanation is that the jumpship misjumped to just outside the Granada star system and needed 5 years with 1G acceleration to arrive to Nueva Castle. That would also explain the behavior of the Umayyad (5 years of extremely rationed food, nothing to do and not much hope to survive). --Dunkelfalke 10:22, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

I think the official version of this will come to light in the next few years. In Field Manual: Update, in a note from one 6th of June member to another, it is noted that the Word knows the origin of the Caliphate. That has not yet been presented to us, but I suspect it will before the Jihad plot ends. Right now, we can only speculate. --Scaletail 01:17, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

Could also be they were SLDF/Pentagon world refugees whom were not down with what The Clans were doing. So a bunch of them flee clan space. Could have even been on the move since before operation Klondike