Tamari LaRue

Tamari LaRue 3076.png
Tamari LaRue
Born 3028
Died 3083
Affiliation House LaRue
Archonette of the Inarcs Archonette
Duchess of Inarcs

Tamari LaRue (b. 3028[1]—d. 3083[2]) was Duchess of the Lyran Alliance world of Inarcs and Archonette of the Inarcs Archonette during the Jihad.


Early Life[edit]

As early as 3067, Tamari LaRue was the ruling duchess of Inarcs.[3]


Following the liberation of Tharkad during the Word of Blake Jihad, Archon Peter Steiner-Davion shared some of his authority with lesser nobles by creating Archonettes, a concept that was originally developed by Archon Richard Steiner in the early 29th century. Archonettes were given broad authority to aid in the reconstruction and defense of surrounding systems. When Peter created these Archonettes in 3072, he invested Duchess LaRue as Archonette of Inarcs, giving her authority over fourteen systems near the coreward Periphery border.[4][5]

The appointment of LaRue as Archonette made little sense to the Lyran public, however, as there were no systems that were likely Blakist targets nor any border worlds within the region. Despite that, LaRue was determined to use her new powers to develop the Archonette into a region worthy of more attention.[1]

In May 3077, diplomats sent by Archon Adam Steiner attempted to rein in LaRue. Special Adjunct Jill Wilson publicly commented that the Archonette was too focused on building up military force on Inarcs. Archonette LaRue countered that she needed the force to effectively defend her administrative center. Coincidentally, the Blades of Death pirate group attacked Inarcs two weeks later, raiding foodstuffs and disrupting power to residents. The timing of the attack led to public speculation that LaRue instigated the raid.[6]

Following the liberation of Terra and the final defeat of Word of Blake, Archon Adam Steiner called for the Archonettes to prepare to stand down. Archonette LaRue did not want to surrender her authority, however, citing a lack of stability in the Inner Sphere, even as late as 3081. The region was united behind the duchess, including the Blackstone Highlanders.[7]

The Archon marshaled his forces and launched an invasion of Inarcs in June 3083. Four JumpShips and the LAS Yggdrasil WarShip gave LaRue a day to surrender to Lyran authorities. When the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces troops received no such notification, they invaded. LaRue asked for support from the other remaining Archonettes, but it was too late. LAAF forces swiftly routed the militia and forced the Blackstone Highlanders to surrender. Battle armor troops stormed the ducal palace, quickly overwhelming the Ducal Guard. Even with many suits surrounding her and her bodyguards, LaRue screeched for her forces to keep fighting. The duchess's bodyguards dropped their weapons and LaRue was arrested. She was transported to Tharkad by the First Royal Guards, where she was formally charged with treason. Despite a public trial in which LaRue harangued the Archon (or perhaps because of it), the other Archonettes quickly returned their power to the Archon. Upon her conviction, Duchess LaRue was put to death by lethal injection.[2]

Philosophical and/or political views[edit]

Following her appointment as Archonette, LaRue publicly supported the Archon in an extremely vocal manner. She supported him as late as 3076.[1] It is unknown what changed, but, by 3077, Duchess LaRue was building up military forces loyal to her and openly defying Archon Adam Steiner in 3081.


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