Tamati Arano II

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Tamati Arano II
Born 2970
Died 3022
Affiliation House Arano
High Lord
Parents Tamati Arano I (father)
Spouse Sara Espinosa
Children Kamea Arano


High Lord Tamati Arano II was the ruler of the Aurigan Coalition. He succeeded his father, High Lord Tamati Arano I, in 2988. Tamati is remembered throughout the Reach as a kind and benevolent ruler. His key accomplishments include the 3019 military campaign against pirate activity on Fjaldr, the expansion of social welfare on Coromodir VI, and the Coalition-funded renovation of the Espinosa Refit Yards.

In 3022 a JumpShip accident killed both Tamati and his wife, Lady Sara Arano, Leaving their daughter Kamea as their successor.[1]


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