Tandrek Stables

Tandrek Stables
Colors/Badge yellow and red
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran/Elite
Rating A
Faction Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Units Used
BattleMechs 37


The House Liao aligned Tandrek Stables is known for its influence in the Cathay sector of Solaris City, with good connections to the underworld.[1][2]


The original owner of Tandrek developed a vendetta against another Liao affiliated stable known as Zelazni Stables. The vendetta brought the Stable on the edge of ruin, because the clashes with Zelazni was fought with no quarter in their duels.[1][2]

In 3070, the second year of the Word of Blake occupation of Solaris during the Jihad, surviving elements of the Zelazni and Tandrek Stables supported a riot by starving Cathay citizens that poured into Silesia in search of foodstuffs and other necessities. The Silesians responded in kind with the Starlight Stables facing off against the Zelazni and Tandrek 'Mechs, resulting in a bloodbath with over five thousand killed, triggering a wave of riots that put those of 3062 and 3065 to shame.[3]

Though heavily damaged, the Tandrek Stables were one of the Solaris stables to survive the Blakist occupation, though just barely. A review of the financial position of Solaris corporations and stables in 3072 secured by Hachiman Taro Electronics indicated Tandrek had suffered loses of 67%, with the stable only able to engage in limited competition at that time.[3]

Tandrek Stables was still operating as of 3136.[4]


Robynn Tandrek, the daughter of the Stable's original owner, took over after her father's death. She has continued the vendetta against Zelazni Stables, feeling the Stable was responsible for her father's death.[1][2]

Notable Personnel[edit]

=Senior Tech & Instructor[edit]

  • Edward Stoudemeir, works in both position as senior tech and instructor with high efficiency for the Stable.[1][2]


Tactics and Style[edit]

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Game Notes[edit]


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