Tatyana Steiner (25th c.)

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Tatyana Steiner
Died 2471
Affiliation House Steiner
Parents Alistair Steiner (father)
Siblings Michael Steiner
Steven Steiner
Children Robert Steiner (illegitimate)

Tatyana Steiner (Born - Died 2471) was the only daughter of Archon Alistair Steiner.[1]


Dark Times[edit]

In 2468, it was revealed that the Duchess Tatyana Steiner, had a severe case of Dobrowski Depression-A Syndrome. Her condition led to her having an affair two years later with a married man which produced an illegitimate child, Robert Steiner.[1]


On the eve of Michael and Stevens double wedding ceremony in 2471, Tatyana committed suicide. The Archon not wanting the ceremony to be victim of the despair that had claimed his sister insisted to carry on the ceremony. The brothers both pledged to help raise and take care of their late sister's child.[1]


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