Taurian Concordat Assets

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As one of the largest periphery realms, the Taurians are always proud of their military strength. With the technical revival and the Trinity Alliance the defense force is able to field some of the best equipment in the outer region. [1]


The composition of the 'Mechs changed from medium to heavy designs with increased economic might. Many designs which are replaced by new developed projects are able to find a home in the TDF. Grover Shraplen fearing the might of the AFFS, increased the production of combat materiel. The core of this BattleMech branch is the Special Task Group [2]. Unlike common organizational structures, the standard TDF battalion contains 48 'Mechs (in contrast to the regular 36). Another unique feature is the bodyguard lance of the commanding officer of the regiment.

Battlemech TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Lance * 4 Mechs
Company 3 Lances 12 Mechs
Battalion 12 Lances 48 Mechs
Regiment 36 Lances + 1 Lance 148 Mechs


The fighter branch has typically been the weakest fighting arm of the TDF. The common aerospace fighter tends to be considerably heavy and relegated to close air support roles. With help from the Outworld Alliance, Taurian fighter pilots are improving their training and expertise - in addition to practical experience in conflicts within the Chaos March and against the St. Ives Compact.

Fighter TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Air Lance * 2 Fighters
Flight 2 Air Lances 4 Fighter
Wing 4 Air Lances 8 Fighter
Air Division 8 - 12 Air Lances 16 - 24 Fighters


These conventional vehicles are an important part of the Taurian military. Cheap to produce and easy to repair, the Taurian armor has a place of greater prestige than in most armies. The TDF can count on some of the best tank designs available, which are exploring new roles in training and application. Operating with the infantry, armor assets are commonly used as battering rams. Working with BattleMechs, the tankers provide support while the 'Mechs lead operations. [4]

Armor TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Maniple * 2 tanks
Lance 3 Maniples 6 tanks
Company 9 Maniples 18 tanks
Battalion 27 Maniples 54 tanks


Because of a long history of commendable service, the common soldier is held in high regard among Taurian forces. Taurian infantry are known for tactical flexibility at the command level and specialized roles for most regiments. [5]

Infanttry TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Maniple * 5 troopers
Squad 2 Maniples 10 troopers
Platoon 6 Maniples 30 troopers
Company 18 Maniples 90 troopers
Battalion 54 Maniples 270 troopers
Regiment 162 Maniples 810 troopers


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