Taurian Ministry of Intelligence

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TMI's Insignia

Headquartered on Taurus, the Taurian Ministry of Intelligence (or TMI) is the intelligence agency of the Taurian Concordat. The TMI reports to the Taurian Minister of the Interior. As of 3067 it is divided into six divisions and reports to Drew Beilas.[1]

Bureau of Analysis[edit]

Led by Comptroller Leeza Becca, it handles passive surveillance (monitoring new media and communications in foreign realms) and has few field operatives.

Diplomatic Corps[edit]

Comptroller Richard Blaine is the head of this division. The agency is a combination of bodyguard and government liaison. They watch dignitaries and are tasked with gathering harmful information in an unguarded moment. This combination often generates confusion between the two goals.

Concordat Constabulary[edit]

The best equipped and funded department, the Concordat Constabulary is charged with locating, identifying and eliminating (if necessary) infiltrators in Taurian society. While the society is "free and open", this division has internal watchers (internal affairs). Comptroller Cole Loriann commands the Constabulary.

Propaganda Division[edit]

Comptroller Soon Lo Gui leads this division. Comparable to the ISF's Voice of the Dragon division, the Propaganda Division serves to maintain good morale and counter rumors from enemy agents. At the moment it holds the victories in the Pleiades high and downplays the secession of the Calderon Protectorate.

Special Task Groups[edit]

Commanded by Comptroller Jason Roberts, the commando operatives of this division infiltrate, report and undertake missions from espionage to counter-terrorism. Their operational guidelines restrict them to prevent the violation of human rights, but under special circumstances they can act as state sponsored terrorists.

Division Insignias[edit]


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