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Team Bad Bloods
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Team Bad Bloods is a new Duelling Team trying to grow in the complex Solaris VII world.[1]


Team Bad Bloods was created by the sibling Angela Marston and Bart Marston.

The team started fighting their matches on Solaris the Reaches Arenas where they were able to won their first twelve matches. For their thirteenth match they got their first oportunity on the Big Five Arenas.

The fight was in the Steiner Stadium against Team Mavericks, fully sold seats and with local coverage. The Team repaired their 'Mechs and invested the rest of the money on a bet for their win. Unfortunately for them the fight, scheduled on 26 May 3027, same day as the famous Phillip Capet vs Justin Xiang match on Ishiyama. That was a killer for their future as nearly nobody finally came to their match and all the betting was minimal, making the possible incomes from the match close to zero.

As per the fight, Team Bad Bloods won. Both their rivals were downed (even one of them killed) as was Angela Marston too.

That was the last fight of the stables: the lucky thirteenth win, was also their last. The Team dissolved and they left Solaris.[1]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

Bart Marston and Angela Marston are the Owners, Stable Masters and founders of the team, being them all the energy behind it.

Notable Personnel[edit]


None, the Marston brothers handled their own training.[citation needed]


None per se, the Marston brothers had outsourced this process. When repairs where needed, they contracted techs to do this job.[citation needed]


MechWarrior Era Comments References
Bart Marston Succession Wars [2]
Angela Marston Succession Wars [2]

Note: The team never hired any other MechWarriors, it was family business.

Tactics and Style[edit]

None.[citation needed]


Game Rules[edit]


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