Image Not Available
Planetary System Info
Star Type
Position in System
Time to Jump Point
Recharging Station None
HPG Facility Class
Percent, Level of Native Life
Planetary Capital Unknown

This template documentation is transcluded from Template:InfoBoxPlanet/doc [edit]
<Planet's Name>
Planetary System Info
Star <Star's Name>
Star Type <Star's Type>
Position in System <Planet's Position in System>
Time to Jump Point
Recharging Station <Location of Recharge Station>
HPG Facility Class <Grade of ComStar Facility (A, B, C)>
Percent, Level of Native Life <% of Planet With Life>, <Highest Lifeform>
Planetary Capital <Capital City on Planet>

Usage instructions[edit]

  • Copy and paste the following code into the top of the article, filling the appropriate fields.
  • All planet entries currently contain an image showing the planet and the surrounding systems. This image should be used as the "image" parameter.
  • If the star has a different name than the planet, provide it in the starname field. Otherwise, leave that field blank
  • Percentage of native life is provided as "None" to "100%". This is the amount of the planet's surface that contains life.
  • Highest lifeform is provided as "Primitive Plants", "Plants", "Fish", "Amphibians", "Insects", "Reptiles", or "Mammals".
  • If a field is unknown, leave it blank.
| image = <ImageName>
| starname = <Star's Name>
| planetname = <Planet's Name>
| startype = <Star's Type>
| position = <Planet's Position in System>
| time = <Time from Planet to Jump Points>
| recharge = <Location of Recharge Station>
| facility = <Grade of HPG or ComStar Facility (A, B, C)>
| lifeinfo = <% of Planet With Life>, <Highest Animal Life>
| capital = <Capital City on Planet>