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Phases I & II (Audit and Corrections) of Operation Doneve are mostly complete, with almost 3,300 articles updated today to Volt Ampere's precise coordinates, thanks to the script Nic designed and ran. Next up are some minor corrections, mostly to missing systems identified during the audit. We're also very pleased with the individual system maps Gruese has designed, which will be unveiled in Phase III (Mapping).
Sarna.net is now available over TLS (HTTPS): https://sarna.net. We're monitoring the secure pages to make sure there are no kinks -- please let me know if you encounter any issues.
Impressive changes are coming to the system articles. A cross-site collaborative effort, Operation Doneve, to improve the accuracy and appearance of the articles' maps and coordinates has been undertaken by Gruese (creator of Inner Sphere 3025), Volt Ampere and his Sarna Unified Cartography Society, and the Project: Planets team. The project shall culminate in a Sarna-themed version of the Inner Sphere 3025 site to support BattleTech fans. Read here for further details, and jump in here, to participate.