X Hastati Sentinels

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X Hastati Sentinels
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Hastati Sentinels
Formed 3083



The X Hastati Sentinels (also known as the Tenth Hastati) consists largely of troops from Clan Wolf and the Northwind Highlanders. Their commander is from the Duchy of Oriente, but chose to remain in the Republic of the Sphere.[1]

In 3085 the X Hastati is stationed on Algot in Prefecture V of the Republic of the Sphere.[2]

Dark Age Era[edit]

Early Republic Era[edit]

During the Capellan Crusades, the Tenth was deployed to Foot Fall in February 3112 as part of the Republic's counterattack to Confederation's invasion. At Foot Fall, the Tenth was assigned to confront the Fourth McCarron's Armored Cavalry who had taken the planet from the Fourth Principes Guards. The Tenth deployed its air assets against the Fourth, forcing them out of their positions. During the initial combat with the Fourth, the regiment held against the Liaos despite losing its command company. A month later, the Tenth would receive reinforcements in the form of the Fourth Hastati Sentinels. Both regiments managed to push the Fourth MAC off the planet in May, but not before former elite regiment left the Fourth combat ineffective due to damage inflicted to it.[3]

Late Republic Era and Gray Monday[edit]

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Fortress Republic[edit]

After the rise of Fortress Republic in October 3135, the Tenth became the last original regiment of the brigade to survive multiple invasions and eventual retreat of RAF forces behind borders of Prefecture X.

The RAF Command found that many of the veterans of the Tenth had severe survivor's guilt. Even after nearly decade later, with only a third of the unit being veterans of the Tenth, the remaining two thirds of the Tenth were infected by the depression and guilt of the veterans. The unit as a whole felt that it had failed the Republic and allowed it to fall. The unit's command staff was trying to turn this to an advantage by redirecting their anger at the enemies of the Republic, but this was only partially successful.

Exarch Levin chose the Tenth to join other combat units participating in Operation DAMNATIO in 3141. The showed that Tenth could still fight well, where it helped to hunt down and exterminate the militarized ComStar faction.[4]

The Tenth was stationed on Lipton in 3145.[5]


As of 3085 the commanding officer was Brigadier General David Abiradda.[2]

As of 3145 the commanding officer is Brigadier General Preston Mercer.[5]


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Composition History[edit]


X Hastati Sentinels (Elite/Fanatical)[2]

  • CO: Brigadier General David Abiradda

100th Armor Brigade (Elite/Reliable)[2]

1010th Infantry Brigade (Elite/Fanatical)[2]

  • CO: Colonel Maya Dusana


X Hastati Sentinels (BattleMech Regiment - Elite/Fanatical)[5]

  • CO: Brigadier General Preston Mercer

100th Armor Brigade (Elite/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Colonel Ewa Piotrowska

1010th Infantry Brigade (Veteran/Fanatical)[5]

  • CO: Colonel Jons Kim Nong

Note: The Regiments have an Equipment Rating of HS.


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