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Teppô Support Vehicle
Production information
Manufacturer Pesht Motors[1]
Production Year 3086[2]
Mission Artillery Fire Support
Mobile HQ
Mobile Repair Base
Type Wheeled
Technical specifications
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Experimental)[1]
Mass 150 tons[1]
Armor New Samarkand Royal Heavy Ferro-Fibrous[1]
Engine Fuel Cell[1]
Speed 33[1] km/h
Communications System Sipher Battlesys 11.6 w/ECM[1]
Targeting Tracking System Neko Megame 9[1]

1x Sniper Artillery Piece[1]
2x Arrow IV Launchers[1]
2x Light Machine Gun[1]
3x AMS[1]

BV (2.0) 1,830[1]


The Teppô Artillery Support Vehicle is a experimental Super Heavy Combat Vehicle which is designed to provide support for frontline combat units for the Draconis Combine. First produced just after the Jihad, this massive vehicle was designed to be a regiment's mobile artillery battery and also provide additional command and repair abilities through its pair of Support Trailers. Teppô creation was through the results of the hard lessons learned from nearly two decades of fighting the Word of Blake and the Black Dragon Society. Using the Ryuken's Combined-Arms command style as model, the Teppô and its support trailers would attempt replicate the elite brigade's command capacities for other frontline Regiments. Built on Unity at Pesht Motors, the Teppô noted for high quality due to them being built by hand.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Teppô principle fire support weaponry includes a Ikazuchi Type 2 Sniper Artillery Piece mounted in the vehicle's turret and a pair of Shigunga Arrow IV Artillery Systems mounted in the front of the vehicle. The Vehicle's Sniper piece has three (3) tons of ammunition, while the Arrow IV launchers have six (6) allowing for a wide selection of artillery rounds. A Light Machine Gun is mounted its front and rear, to provide against Infantry. The vehicle sports three Anti-Missile Systems, one in the front and each side of the Teppô. It is protected with 20 tons of New Samarkand Royal Heavy Ferro-Fibrous armor and CASE. Among Teppô's other features include; 1 ton worth of Communication Equipment, a Guardian ECM Suite, and a 4 ton Infantry Compartment for the security detachment.[1]

The vehicle features a 280 rated Fuel Cell engine, allows it to move 21 kilometers hour while towing.[1]

Support Trailers[edit]

The Teppô's two 75 ton Advanced tech wheeled trailers includes; the Tenmaku (Mobile Headquarters Trailer) and its Bokkusu (Cargo & Repair Facility).[1]


The Tenmaku is Teppô's Command Trailer features its own small fusion reactor as its own independent power source. The Tenmaku's equipment features includes; 10 tons worth of Communication Equipment, pair of C3 Master Computers, a Guardian ECM suite, 5 tons worth of Mission Specific Equipment, 10 ton Infantry Compartment capacity, and single Trailer Hitch mounted in front. The vehicle armed with pair of Medium Lasers, pair Light Machine Guns in its turret. Additionally, it has three Anti-Missile Systems found in the turret and each of two sides. The trailer is protected by 15 tons of heavy ferro fibrous armor with CASE protection for its ammunition bins. BV (2.0)=881[1]


The Bokkusu trailer serves as both a mobile repair base and cargo hauler for Teppô's users. It is unpowered and its is protected by 12 tons of heavy ferro fibrous armor and CASE. Vehicle main features is its Mobile Field Base, that is self-contained repair gantry allows comprehensive repair capacity for a regiment's BattleMechs and Vehicles. Bokkusu's 18-ton cargo capacity allows for additional spare parts and other general repair supplies to be moved place to place. Trailer's only defenses four anti-missile systems, which place each of vehicle's sides. Other features if the Bokkusu includes, 4 ton Infantry Compartment, front mounted Lift hoist and pair of Trail Hitches to allow for additional trailer to be pulled. BV (2.0) = 651[1]


  • The Teppô is was made using the rules for Super-Heavy Vehicles from Strategic Operations and TechManual. Its trailer counterparts were built with rules found in the "Combat Vehicle" section of the TechManual.[3]
  • As of this writing, Teppô and its support trailers have no record sheets. Originally they were to appear in Record Sheets: 3085 Unabridged - The Cutting Edge, where the Teppô is listed in the table of content. However, the record sheets themselves were not added to the PDF release of the Record Sheets.[4]