Campaigns of Persuasion

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[2316] Terran Hegemony 1st Offensive: invades Quentin, Errai, and Helen

[2320] Terran Hegemony 2nd Offensive: invades Terra Firma, Nanking, and Capella

[July 2335] Terran Hegemony 3rd Offensive: invades Galatea

[2338] New Rhodes III Assault- The Terran Hegemony's attack on New Rhodes III was part of Director-General James McKenna's 3rd Offensive launched in 2335. While most of the focus of the attack was on worlds located near the Federation of Skye, there were a few attacks launched against planets in other areas of space. The people of New Rhodes III knew they could not stand up to the Terran Hegemony by themselves. They requested help from the Federated Suns. The Federated Suns agreed to help in return for a hefty payment. During the first attack by the Terran Hegemony, the Federated Sun's Federated Protection Force Navy managed to board and capture the `THS Dragonfly'. Shortly after the capture of the `Dragonfly' the Federated Suns forces retreated from New Rhodes III in face of a vastly superior Terran Hegemony force, leaving the people of New Rhodes III at the mercy of the attackers

[Aug-Sept 2338] SYRMA ASSAULT- With the help of the Federation of Skye, both jumppoints were rigged with spacemines. Only two of the first wave's 29 assault ships make it through. Another six ships are destroyed in the 2nd wave of attacks. The Navy's Vice Admiral Harris Cather is blamed for the failure of the Terran Hdgemony's invasion of Syrma