The Fugitive

Originally produced in Terra's Early Spaceflight era, The Fugitive is a drama series that has been retold and remade across a number of video and media formats.


The Fugitive revolved around Richard Kimble, a physician falsely convicted of his wife's murder who escaped en route to his execution and begins a search for the real killer, the so-called "one-armed man", as he is relentlessly pursued by an obsessed police detective.

Revived in the Lyran Commonwealth during the reigns of Archon Steven Steiner and his wife Margaret Olsen, the fifth retelling of the fable painted Richard Kimble as a physician in a Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces surgical hospital, pursued by his childhood best friend, now a member of the government's police force. The most popular holovid program in the Lyran realm at the time, 31st century historian Thelos Auburn indicated that Kimble's angst and loneliness appeared to resonate strongly with the increasingly disillusioned and apathetic Lyran people during the era of the Tharkan Witch.[1]



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