The Iowa

The Iowa
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Essex


The Iowa was an Essex-class destroyer operated by Clan Smoke Jaguar as the CSJ The Iowa in 3058 and was serving alongside four other WarShips - the Black Lion-class battlecruiser CSJ Streaking Mist, the Congress-class frigate CSJ FireCrest and another Essex-class WarShip, the CSJ Sabre Cat - as part of The Jaguar's Den keshik after the battle of Tukayyid.[1] However, by 3059 it was no long attached to the Keshik and was probably transferred to Alpha Galaxy. [2]

The Iowa was not listed among those vessels to survive Operation BULLDOG or the final Smoke Jaguar battles at Huntress, suggesting that it was destroyed between 3059 and 3060.[3]


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