The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip


The Liberty Bell was a DropShip of unspecified type. The ship left four massive depressions, perfect circles twenty centimeters deep, in the ground following its liftoff from Ford, which indicates a spheroid design resting on four landing struts. It carried BattleMechs but there was also a Mobile HQ at the dropzone, suggesting The Liberty Bell may have been a combined arms transport such as the Excalibur class, or a refitted large freighter such as the Mule or Mammoth class.[1]

It was transporting elements of House Marik's 3rd Sirian Lancers when they attacked a munitions plant on the Lyran Commonwealth world of Ford in April 3022. As it turned out, the Lancers' battalion had been lured into a trap; all strike teams encountered heavy resistance and the dropzone was overrun. The Liberty Bell narrowly escaped, leaving at least one MechWarrior behind.


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