The Line

The Line
Product information
Type Short story
Author Jeff Kautz
Pages 15
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 21 December 2005
Era Jihad era
Timeline 3 January 3068

The Line is a short story by Jeff Kautz that was published online on BattleCorps on 21 December 2005.

Teaser text[edit]

Theodore Kurita's reforms may have modernized the DCMS, but there are still times when the determination of a samurai is required to hold The Line. Story by Jeff Kautz.

Plot summary[edit]

Tai-i Jinzo Kuroda and the other warriors of Tsunami Company of the Genyosha have to hold a line. Defending the Luthien Armor Works Assembly Plant B near Jirushi City on Luthien, Tsunami Company loses contact with the rest of Second Battalion as Chu-sa Ii is issuing orders; cut off from news of events in the Imperial City, Kuroda lays out battle plans for engaging the approaching Black Dragon forces.

Kuroda's position is anchored around two defensive lines; he and his troops hold on the first line for as long as they can, before the risk of being flanked forces them to fall back. Throughout the remainder of the night he and his warriors fight against attack after attack, rebuffing each, but with increasing amounts of damage taken and mounting casualties among Tsunami's ranks.

Facing overwhelming odds and reduced to just seven, the Genyosha troops are close to being overwhelmed shortly after dawn; Kuroda weighs the merits of withdrawing, before resolving that they must - and will - hold the line. He leads his remaining warriors in a furious, defiant banzai charge into the enemy ranks, felling several more opponents before his No-Dachi is toppled by an Awesome. As he stares at the enemy 'Mech, accepting his failure and death, the Awesome explodes... and the remaining 'Mechs of the Second Battalion follow hot on the heels of the weapons fire that destroyed it. The survivors of Tsunami Company join them in hunting down the remaining Black Dragon 'Mechs, having successfully held the line.

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