The Space Gamer

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The Space Gamer
Product information
Type Magazine
Development Warren Spector, Anne Jaffe, Jeff Albanse
Publication information
Publisher Steve Jackson Games Inc.
First published 1975-1990

This long-lived science-fiction gaming magazine covered a diverse number of games, but the focus of this article are the handful of the issues with BattleTech content.[1]

Known content

Issue 75 (July/August 1985)[edit]

BattleDroids Variants by George MacDonald

Issue 78 (April/May 1987)[edit]

  • Flea FLE-15 Light BattleMech by Dale L. Kemper. 3 Pages. (15 tons, Cruising Speed: 92.3 mph, (1) ML, (2) SL and (2) MG.)
  • Infotech on BattleTech by Scott Tanner. 3 page article summarizing FASA products of the time.
  • Popular House Rules for BattleTech by Stephen Fuelleman. 2 pages.

Issue 79 (August/September 1987)[edit]

ARTICLE: Cestus CST-3S 65-ton BattleMech by Dale Kemper. (Artwork by John Bridges)

This 2-page article explicitly gives statistics to the Ral Partha miniature (Catalog Number 20-814). This is not the canon Cestus BattleMech, but rather statistics intended for the Cestus figure produced by Ral Partha Enterprises… commonly called the BattleDroid Cestus.

First produced in 2555, this Star League era design was "very popular" and remained in service with House Steiner after the fall of the Star League. The Introductory Level technology 'Mech was 65 tons and moved like a Panther. It relied on dual AC/2's, ML's and LRM5's for weaponry. It is 2 tons overweight.

Issue 80 (October/November 1987)[edit]

Optional Smoke Rules by Robert Isenberg

Issue 83 (October/November 1988)[edit]

New Inborn Abilities for MechWarriors by Barry Osser

Issue 85 (January/February 1989)[edit]

ARTICLE: The Mechwarrior Aliens by Barry Osser. This 2-page article features three new races for MechWarrior, the Gecko, the Vegan and the Briata. Reaction to the introduction of non-humans into the BattleTech Universe was often critical.