The Steinhearts

One of the most immensely popular holovid shows across the Inner Sphere, The Steinhearts is a barely fictionalized soap opera account of the history of Steiner Family. [1][2]

The Steinhearts was filmed on Kochab.[3]


Produced by the Tharkad-based Tharkad Broadcasting Corporation, circa 3025 "The Steinhearts" was TBC's most popular show both within the borders of the Lyran Commonwealth but also with export sales to networks in the Draconis Combine, Free Worlds League and Federated Suns though they tended to receive episodes as much as a year behind their initial Lyran broadcast. [1] [2]

The show was eventually wound up, only to return to the airwaves after the conclusion of the FedCom Civil War.[2] During the Word of Blake Jihad the Solaris Broadcasting Corporation would show classic episodes of "The Steinhearts" in response to technical difficulties and to pad out its broadcast schedule during the Blakist occupation of Solaris VII. [4] [5]


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